About Senex

The Company

Senex Hosting Solutions grew out of the need for even the smallest of businesses to gain access to processing and storage infrastructure typically available only to the largest corporations. We offer affordable hardware and software solutions as well as skilled technical admins who can work one-on-one to craft just the right solution for your I.T. needs.

Our Englewood, CO Colocation Facility

The staff of Senex Hosting Solutions has a combined experience of over 20 years in all facets of I.T. Infrastructure and Management. Specialized skills include Datacenter Management, Backup and Recovery, Storage Architecture Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing, Database Administration, Web Design, Systems Administration, and Tech Support.

All Senex VPS and Physical Servers are located in a SAS70 certified datacenter with 24×7 on site support, stringent security controls, and redundant HVAC, power, and networks.

The People


Corey M.

Corey has a background as a Solutions Architect, Senior Tech Support Analyst and has managed the datacenters of financial institutions ranging from $1 billion in total assets up to a well known Fortune 500 company. His specialties are general System Administration, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing, and Data Storage and Archiving.

Michael A.

Michael holds a B.S. in Java Programming and an MBA in International Finance. He has worked as a DBA for a Fortune 500 company and as Lead Developer for a Web Design company working on nationally recognized web sites. His technical skills include general System Administration, Database Analyst, Server Virtualization, and Web Programming with Python/Django, Javascript, PHP and AJAX, among others.

Jonathan M.

Jonathan is a Technical Support Lead for an internationally recognized disk and tape storage company. He specializes in general System Administration, Server Virtualization, multimedia networking and storage, and of course, Backup and Recovery.

Paul W.

After serving in the US Air Force, Paul moved his technical expertise into the I.T. field. He has spent time on the road as an installer and trainer for various software products, and has extensive experience with Linux and Windows Server Administration. His skillset also includes Backup and Recovery, Server Virtualization, Programming in C# and python, and Networking.